Enhancing Financial Performance

Belgian companies have a long road ahead to benefit from all available financial incentives to fund their innovation and support their payroll. We help you reach the top.

Innovation Funding

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Payroll Tax Exemption for scientific personnel

Save an average of 12.000 € per eligible full-time equivalent per year.

Innovation Income Deduction

Cut your company’s tax base by up to 85 % of your Net Innovation Income, derived from qualifying IP.

R&D Subsidies

Obtain grants up to €10.000.000 to fund your innovative projects in all sectors of our economy – alone, or as part of a consortium.

Payroll Tax Exemption for Construction

Save an average of 4.500 € per year per eligible manual worker who works on the field as part of a team.

Payroll Tax Exemption for Non-Profit

If your company is in the non-profit sector, you can save by reducing your Maribel fund contribution.

Copyright Royalties

Boost the net income of your teams when they create intellectual property.

Payroll Tax Exemption for Covid

You can also save if your employees have been put on COVID-19 unemployment.

Tax Incentives for HR

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Forecast Lab™

At Forecast, we strongly believe that staying on top of any legislative change is our duty to our clients.

This allows us to take any change into account before it occurs, because we closely monitor parliamentary debates about our business or clients.

Moreover, we see it as a great opportunity to leverage any new tax incentives or subsidies that will further enhance our clients' financial performance.


People are our most important asset. We value every single one of our carefully-chosen collaborators, and nurture them so they reach their fullest potential.

We are always looking for new talents to join us.

Whether you're a student looking for an internship, a young graduate looking for a first work experience or a senior executive willing to share their experience and network with us, you should definitely get in touch!

Forecast Consulting

Forecast Consulting offers strategic financial consulting services to innovative businesses who realize that choosing the right partner is one of the main keys to success.

By working with Forecast Consulting, these businesses achieve significant savings with a partner who works quickly, safely and efficiently.

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