About Forecast

Forecast Consulting

We are an unpretentious Belgian consultancy firm that prides itself in its highly experienced and equally skilled staff.

We offer you a well-rounded approach resting on:

  • A combination of project managers, financial and innovation analysts, tax & legal experts
  • Structuring methodologies:
    • Pre-Detection of financial indicators to offer complete solutions
    • We map your eligible activities through a deep analysis
    • Follow-up and reporting about any potential incidents to handle them efficiently
  • We safeguard your savings thanks to our know-how about the Belgian Federal Public Services’ processes
  • Forecast Lab™:
    • Constant internal legal and regulatory watch
    • Analysis of any changes in legislation, any new Royal Decrees and any new published memos from the FPS Finance, etc., to find out about new ways to leverage the applicable tax laws to enhance your financial performance

We help you all the way, from the identification of potential savings to the obtainment of refunds or savings. All our services are offered through a no cure, no pay pricing plan that guarantees a well-executed mission with the best possible results.