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Privacy Policy

Here is some information about what kind of data we collect about you, and what we do with this data.

Your data is collected by Forecast Consulting SA/NV, a Belgian law company located Avenue Arnaud Louisalaan 379/21, 1000 Brussels, and registered with the company number BE 0763.522.929 (hereafter: “Forecast”, “we” or “us”).

We collect and process various type of personal information, including but not limited to: your first and last name, email address, phone number, your job title or function, the name of your company, and your IP address. We also write down timestamps for all this data.

So far, this data is only collected and processed to gauge interest for our website, ensure a high-quality browsing experience and measure whether our target audience is browsing our website.

We will not use this information to get in touch with you or send you unsollicited mail, and we will not sell your data either.

Your data may be shared with carefully selected partners that will help us interpret it, if they commit to these same privacy terms.

This data is archived for 10 years after being collected.

You may ask us for a copy of the information we have on record for you, and to modify or delete this information.


Cookie Policy

We use cookies to ensure your browsing experience is satisfying.

The cookies we store on your computer allow us to remember information such as your IP address, the type of device used (tablet, phone, computer, …), when you’ve visited our website, your preferences (language, …).

These cookies allow us for statistical purposes: we’d like to know how many people visit our website and when, how long they stay on a given page, and other similar information. We do this to figure out if users are experiencing any issues while browsing our website, and gauge your interest in our content.

Your data is safely stored on our GDPR-compliant servers located in Belgium.

Should you want to disable the cookies, you are free to do so through your browser’s settings. We will not be liable for any potential consequences.


Terms of Use

These terms of use protect us from any unfair or illegal use of our content.

  • Accessing and browsing our website is your entire responsibility and constitutes in no way a contract or any other kind of legal partnership between Forecast Consulting SA/NV and the user.
  • We are not responsible for any damage resulting from the direct or indirect use of our website, or any damage to third-parties resulting from the use of our website, directly or indirectly.
  • We protect your data in accordance with the applicable Belgian legislation and EU directives.
  • All content (text, data, logo’s, etc.) on our website remains our property. Browsing or accessing our website gives the users no right to reuse, copy, adapt, represent, spread or transfer our content without our written agreement beforehand.
  • The Courts of Brussels will be competent if any legal issue arises.

Inquiries – Comments – Complaints

Please use the following e-mail address to send us any inquiries, comments or complaints regarding our privacy and cookie policies, or regarding your data.

You should write to us at : privacy[at]