Tax Incentives for HR

Lower payroll costs and improve employee retention rate

PTE for the Non-Profit Sector

Find out how you can obtain a reduced rate for your contribution to the Social Maribel fund due to the non-profit nature of your activities.

PTE for COVID Unemployment

If there has been unemployment due to the Coronavirus pandemic in your company between March and May 2020, you could be eligible for a payroll tax exemption between June and August 2020.

PTE for Construction Work

Save an average of 4.000€ per manual worker per year thanks to the payroll tax exemption for construction workers who work in teams on the field.

Copyright Royalties

You can pay your creative employees and freelancers who write software code, articles, music, books, and other types of artwork. This allows you to raise their net income and improve your retention rate at very little cost.

Belgium among the worst students in Europe

The exceedingly high wage cost in Belgium is mostly due to the effective tax rate paid by the Belgian taxpayers, combined with a fairly high living cost.

Belgian companies in all sectors experience difficulties against foreign competitors who can offer lower prices thanks to lower wage taxes, or simply offer a higher net salary to talented employees. This triggers a ripple effect throughout the entire Belgian economy.

In this context, our Human Resources Directors must face tremendous challenge when working on payroll strategies, including:


  • War for talents: they must ensure that talented people are attracted to their companies and keep working there, by offering competitive compensation & benefits packages.
  • Payroll costs optimization: the payroll costs must be contained to an appropriate level to allow the company to turn in benefits.
  • Payroll compliance: they must ensure that their payroll strategy complies with the applicable laws and regulations, which is difficult in a changing environment.

HR Directors and their Payroll and Comp&Ben teams can therefore really boost their company’s business performance by leveraging available tax incentives to retain personnel on payroll, attract talents and offer the best working conditions while keeping costs in check.

Legal compliance is therefore paramount, and we can help you implement the following tax incentives to enhance your competitivity and efficiency.